Sunday, December 25, 2005

Weird habits

I'm just back from a great beach holiday (I recommend taking the week before Christmas - the traffic is much better, and you get a much better choice of places) to discover that Susoz has tagged me with a weird habits meme. I didn't think I had any, but I realised that I'm often saying to workmates "I'm a bit weird, but this is what I did/do", when offering advice of any kind. So I'll translate it into weird things as well as habits:
  1. I refused to have an engagement ring, as a symbol of ownership, but instead we bought a painting together
  2. I very rarely used a pram for either of my children, preferring a backpack, as they liked it much better, and it was much easier to get around (I still carry D, at 2.5, in the backpack occasionally, but make him walk most of the time now)
  3. I hate driving, and use public transport if at all practical, and refused to take up the Sydney CBD car spot that came with my current job
  4. I obsessively read newspapers, and being able to read five different readable newspapers is the thing I miss most about living in London
  5. When I sit, I always curl my toes underneath my feet so that I get calluses on the top of my toes.

All the people I might tag have been tagged already, so Merry Christmas!


At 5:26 pm, Blogger Tjilpi said...

See. Flitting around works. You get noticed and someone makes a comment! My partner, Marg,just phoned me from Sydney where she went to spend Christmas with her aged parents. She took her mother out of the Nursing Home into a Motel with disabled facilities so they could all be together. Her words of complaint about Sydney. "The traffic. I'm glad I don't live here all the time."

I'm just about to take a load of grape vine cuttings to the dump, and will not encounter a single traffic light on the route I plan to take. Although there have been plenty of sets of them installed in Alice Springs since I first came here - when there were none.

I think memes are weird. I've never responded to one.


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