Monday, January 16, 2006


We have our main computer, with a permanent internet connection, in our main family room. It's been that way since 1997. So when our computer crashed last week, we realised just how dependent on it we had become, even with three other computers in the house. We needed it to look up phone numbers, ferry timetables, the weather forecast, settle arguments, answer strange questions from our four year old about the world...

When we first installed our computer in the family room, even our geekiest friends thought we were wierd, but I get the sense we're not that weird these days.


At 9:58 pm, Blogger Tjilpi said...

So, you see.

The Computer, has replaced the TV.

At 10:33 am, Anonymous elsewhere said...

Aaaargh...this is why I still maintain a filofax (how eighties you say) for all those important details, tho I now have a phone that can update its address book from outlook express on my computer and has a calendar function also.

The PC was always in my study, I wouldn't let it take over the house...I now have a laptop that I carry from room to room

('Ferry timetable' -- they're very evocative words to me!)


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