Friday, May 05, 2006

Medical care

I'd really like to write a thoughtful post about healthcare. I'm too tired, tonight, though. So I'll just point you to a few US links.

Stayin' Alive has an excellent series on what health insurance is, and why it's a misnomer to call it insurance.
Half Changed World has a post on why she thinks the latest small reforms to health funding in Massachusetts won't work.
Annika is a child who so far has come through some terrible illnesses with health insurance, but her luck is starting to run out as the reinsurer of the fairly small health insurer who insurers her family starts to run out of patience.
And this story from Badger is the scariest of all.

I think I'm reading too many US blogs on this topic, because I'm starting to think that our healthcare system is pretty good.

But I don't our health funding system is sustainable long term - I read something this week talking about various ways in which it's falling apart, but I haven't been able to find it again. I'll bookmark this to write some more.


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