Friday, November 18, 2005


Margo Kingston's webdiary (which I don't read, but probably should, now I've become a blogger) has a really thoughtful submission from Platinum Funds Management on the proposed new anti-terror laws in Australia. As I've said before, I feel I should be worried about these new anti-terror laws, but they're so depressing that I find it difficult to work up the energy.

I feel shown up by Kerr Nielson, managing director of Platinum Funds Management - one of the biggest and most successful of the boutique fund managers (i.e. not owned by a huge distribution arm), who has taken the time to write a serious, thoughtful submission on why human rights are important to maintaining a vibrant economy in this country.

As a cynic, I could think it's about the parts of the laws that are about financing terrorism (and how badly they will affect fund managers), but he and/or Platinum Funds Management has taken the time to look at the bigger picture as well.


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