Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Feminism - a success?

Laura at 11d has a post asking whether feminism has been a success. A big question, but an interesting one. In my personal experience, my life has been much less predicated on my gender than my mother's was.

She gave up her PhD at age 26 to marry my father, have children, and basically never work for pay again.

I am now, in my late 30s, the sole breadwinner of my family of four - two children and stay at home dad, and have, by most measures, a successful professional career.

More scientific analysis from me will have to wait. It's too late, and its my turn to get up with the kids in the morning. But my take is that huge gains have been made, but we're a long way from real equality. If we were at real equality, my husband couldn't get featured in a newspaper article in our local paper just by describing his life as a stay at home dad.


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