Thursday, March 23, 2006


This weekend is the annual corporate triathlon in Sydney. I'm really sad not to be doing it this year. It's a combination of moving jobs at around the time when the entries went in, and the doctor telling me not to exercise too early after my bout of bronchial pneumonia a month ago.

I've done it every year since 1997, with the exception of 2003 when I was eight months pregnant. I even did it four months pregnant in 2001(when I was in denial about how much my life was about to change by having a baby). It's the most consistent event I've done of all the events I've tried since I got into running. The distances are short enough that you don't really have to be fit to have a go at it (the winners take about half an hour), but you have a great sense of accomplishment when you finish. The course is on the same course as the Sydney Olympic triathlon, including a swim in Sydney Harbour, which, although it scares some people (the thought of sharks) I think is the highlight of the day.

And it's just at that perfect time of year in Sydney when it's not too hot, but the water is still warm from the summer, and the days are (mostly!) clear and crisp. I'll have to come back to this post next year when the entries go in, to make sure I do it.


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