Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St Patricks Day

I'd completely forgotten it was St Patrick's Day today until I got into work and one of my colleagues was wearing a bright green shirt and matching tie. It actually looked quite good - and he isn't even red-headed!

I enjoy St Patrick's Day. The wowsers probably say it involves too much alcohol (and it probably does), but it seems to me to be a better model for a national day than most. Certainly compared to our own very conflicted celebration that is only a celebration if you don't think very hard about the anniversary that we are actually commemorating. St Patrick's Day is a straightforward celebration of intrinsic Irishness that anyone who can claim a vague relationship to the country can join.

Of course Australia is full of people of irish background; and as a national stereotype, we do love a drink (although that's not nearly as true as it used to be), so it is a perfect celebration for us. No commitment needed except the vague willingness to wear green.

My father tells me that I have one thirty-second Irish ancestry, so I figured that was enough for a quick drink down the pub after work today.


At 10:17 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have reviewed the arithmetic. Dan Wilson was born in Ireland. His wife was blessed with Welsh and French ancestors, so their daughter Maud was half Irish. She married Hector which brought in Scottish, via Nova Scotia, ancestry. So their daughter Doreen was one quarter Irish. My Dad had some direct Scottish and some via Nova Scotia ancestry. So I come down to one eighth. Hence your generation is one sixteenth Irish. It may be a bit late, but you are presumably entitled to double up on the drinks. I will consider my entitlement as well.



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